I have created this website to promote my new album ‘white magic’  its a culmination of many breakthroughs, good and bad, happy and sad, but its resounding note is one of Hope!  Consequently it is quite a diverse album ranging from alternative indie/rock to a more ambient sound - and i would like to introduce the idea of a new genre 'Ambient Rock'  which i think about covers it!

 I will confess all my songs have a spiritual aspect to them - but i am not religeous per se - i believe we are all eternal beings experiencing a challenging 3D reality but one that we are on the verge of transcending!

These are truly pivotal times  - and as the great awakening begins to gain traction we must constantly remind ourselves it is always 'darkest before the dawn' -  it is my ardent wish and desire to  shine just a little light into those darkest corners and if this humble offering  can in anyway assist in contributing to the coming crescendo of that dawns glorious chorus then it would have achieved what it set out to do!   All trks are fully playable, and I have selected a few tracks for free download -  Love & Light, S.  

EMAIL:  ss100xx@gmail.com